grownup in a stroller

Studies show that you can improve sleep-deprived brain chemistry by taking short naps throughout the day.  The characters in my new book, Commuter Naps, seem to have figured this out.

Released on April 11th, this book of illustrations shows ordinary people on their way to work, some of whom happen to be sleeping.  Commuter Naps was printed using a Risograph machine at Perfectly Acceptable Press.  The two photos below show the machine and Matt Davis making sure each print had the correct registration and color density.

matt printing 1

There’s something wonderful about the smell of the Risograph ink. Every time I open the box of my finished books, I smell excitement and possibility. It could also be the lovely Mohawk Via Vellum paper that it is printed on.

matt printing 2

If you’re in Chicago you can find copies at Quimby’s or Uncharted Books, or it can be purchased for $7 plus shipping in my online store.

I sent Neil Brideau, owner of Radiator Comics disto, a preview copy:


Get your copy here!