What would happen if the cost of living on Planet Earth became so high that recent college grads couldn’t afford to live there anymore?

They’d pack up their space ships and move to Planet N!#ult0n, of course.

My new weekly webcomic, Urbanity Planet, follows the bumblings, ramblings, mistakes and joys of a hapless group of “Shipsters” who left Mother Earth in search of an affordable place to slog through their 20’s. The native, human-like species on N!#ult0n aren’t thrilled about these new arrivals and the changes they are bringing to the neighborhood, but as time goes on, both groups depend on each other not only for a livelihood, but in some cases, a sense of self-worth.

Below, read several pages which follow the path of one character, Dani, from Earth to N!#ult0n.  Like what you see? Follow along on Medium or Tumblr


coffee shop

Living at home with parents








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