Urbanity Planet and the Art World

The twentysomethings of Urbanity Planet find themselves at an art opening that is both down to earth and inflated with meaning. This seven page excerpt is just one of the many adventures in this webcomic series! Read more Urbanity Planet, my webcomic about coming of age on another… Read More

Commuter Naps is here!

grownup stroller

Studies show that you can improve sleep-deprived brain chemistry by taking short naps throughout the day.  The characters in my new book, Commuter Naps, seem to have figured this out. Released on April 11th, this book of illustrations shows ordinary people on their way to work, some of whom happen to… Read More

A work in progress thought on art and design

There is a similarity between design and art in the aim for intentionality. During an art critique, an artist must defend each visual or medium decision to her viewers. If she can’t defend a decision, then she must at least be aware of a passive decision or intuitive… Read More

Sky Above Clouds.0

  One Saturday in May I took a drive from Tempe back to my parent’s house in Phoenix.  The 101 freeway cuts through an indian reservation and farmland that is largely open and undeveloped so there’s space to see the famous Big Sky of the desert Southwest.  That… Read More

Uncertainty Begins

After much deliberation, work has finally begun on a project of (hopefully) 7-foot-tall proportions. Uncertainty Monster. If my 3rd grade teacher could see me now… he’d have tears in his eyes that I actually did papier mache of my own volition, without the slightest hint of a temper… Read More

Daniel Eatock

Colour Coordinated: week 25 Daniel Eatock is a conceptual artist I really admire. He keeps a website where he establishes a train of thought, an aesthetic via humorous photos, and then asks his readers to contribute photos they take of similar ideas. Here is his introduction to the… Read More

Erwin Wurm, sculptor

I love how Erwin Wurm engages gallery and museum goers by asking them to follow instructions and create art or sculpture themselves. More often than not, his sculptures do not exist without the aid of a strangers’ body. One of his largest projects is called “One Minute Sculptures”… Read More