Patient prepped for plastic surgery with dotted lines around her eyes. Caption: Eye Roll Reduction

I’ve been drawing New Yorker-style (a.k.a. gag cartoons) since 2014, and I’ve been submitting them to that magazine and a bunch of other places since then. Although I still haven’t gotten a Yes from the New Yorker, I’m happy to share that some of my latest cartoons are now available for licensing via CartoonStock! This company is partially owned by Bob Mankoff, the former New Yorker cartoon editor.  Even better, all copyrights remain mine, and I get paid fairly! You can see my available comics here. I’ll be adding more every few weeks. Feel free to share with anyone who might need a cartoon for their magazine, TED talk deck or anyone considering adopting a raccoon.

A woman and her daughter at the animal shelter. The daughter points to a raccoon in a cage and says "I want that one, mommy!"

Check out my available comics on CartoonStock.