I have been submitting comics to The New Yorker since ~2014, during which time my craft has improved a lot, I think. I’ve been published online but getting into the print magazine remains the Holy Grail. Don’t worry, Bob Mankoff, Emma Allen, I’ll keep sending them! In the meantime, some of my cartoons are available for licensing via CartoonStock.com

Cartoon of a prehistoric man pulling a giant stone wheel up to a "wheel rentals" desk. The desk attendant says "Sorry, no returns after 8 pm".
Cartoon of a naked woman, farting and flipping the bird while wearing a green mud mask on her face. She's sitting on a Skincare counter and the department store clerk is saying "This mud mask is really great for drawing out your impropieties".
OK, I’ll admit, this one is probably a bit too booby for the New Yorker. But it wasn’t booby enough for Playboy Magazine, I guess? I still like it.
A cartoon showing a father reading to his young daughter at bedtime. The caption says, "And then they went and did work in a coffee shop and lived happily ever after."

Patient prepped for plastic surgery with dotted lines around her eyes. Caption: Eye Roll Reduction
comic with two quail
My dog is a llamadoodle, what's yours?