Neighboring: a community design project

Introduction Neighboring is a community-building art project led by myself and fellow designer Catherine Oldershaw. The project invites Pittsburghers, both artists and non-artists alike, to create art or artifacts that explore what it means to be a neighbor. Neighboring will culminate in a juried gallery exhibit at Late Space,… Read More

PARK(ing) Day 2012

Back in 2009, I stumbled on PARK(ing) Day, an international public space event. I’ve always loved the idea, which is to take over a city parking spot for a day and create a mini park there (any kind of park! a rose garden, a skate park, a cafe)… Read More

Blessed Are The Hipsters, For They Shall Inherit The City | Planetizen

I’ve been interested in some recent articles reexamining the ‘creative class’  as defined by Richard Florida a decade ago.  More specifically, I’m interested in articles that discuss cities and the artists/ creatives/ funemployed who live in them. As someone who fits into this category, I love where I… Read More

Lucy Orta

Lucy Orta creates what she calls “Refuge Wear”, designed with homeless and nomadic people in mind. Her work blurs the line between fashion, sculpture and humanitarian efforts. Some of her ‘pods’ are built for one person, but others are designed for a whole team of people who are… Read More

Greg Niemeyer Oxygen Flute

Greg Niemeyer is an artist and associate professor of New Media at UC Berkley. His work experiments with ways to incorporate digital art into the public realm, ideas of interaction with the natural environment as well as with eachother and play. One of his works, Oxygen Flute (2002)… Read More

Performance Art Groups

Performance artist groups who use the element of surprise: 1) my ALL TIME FAVORITE GROUP: Prangstgrup. This is a guerilla-style theater group from Columbia University. They have done some excellent staged work with hidden cameras. Please look at the Archived Videos and watch “Subway Lecture” (above) features over-specialized… Read More