I’ve been interested in some recent articles reexamining the ‘creative class’  as defined by Richard Florida a decade ago.  More specifically, I’m interested in articles that discuss cities and the artists/ creatives/ funemployed who live in them. As someone who fits into this category, I love where I live but simultaneously don’t feel supported or politically visible within Chicago.  Not that my generation is particularly good at voting or organizing itself, but as citizens don’t we deserve jobs, at least, without having to camp out in parks to (not) get them? More of my own thoughts on this issue later.

Blessed Are The Hipsters, For They Shall Inherit The City | Planetizen.

Cataclysms loom so large that only a massive entity, on the scale of a government, can address them. Hipsters can’t help but distract themselves from these problems, because what else can they possibly do?