Back in 2009, I stumbled on PARK(ing) Day, an international public space event. I’ve always loved the idea, which is to take over a city parking spot for a day and create a mini park there (any kind of park! a rose garden, a skate park, a cafe) where people can hang out and enjoy being outdoors. It draws attention to the way cities are planned to benefit car usage, and minimize public green space. But more than that, it’s just fun.

Unfortunately, ever since discovering it, I have not been able to participate, which drives me crazy! In 2009 it had already happened when I read about it. In 2010, I was in Richmond and did not know anyone, although I tried to round up a group anyways.  2011, Chicago, I’d only been here a month and had the same problem.  Now, in 2012, I just so happen to be signed up to take the GRE on this year’s date! Can you believe it? Oy yoy.  Well, to anyone who is free on September 21st, 2012, I hope you have a great time!