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  1. Theora Fits In part VI

    Tower City. Only had about 20 minutes to shoot, and since it was my first time ‘performing’ Fitting In in a busy, public space, it was a little weird and most of the shots didn’t turn out. We actually got in trouble for this shot; Thank You Ally Sterman. If I have time I’d like …

  2. Theora Fits In part IV

    Theora Fits in the Art Department! Need to edit down more. On one hand, I want to make these more ‘performative’ with more people in the background, but on the other hand, today in my Senior Studio critique of Theora Fits In, people seemed to respond more to the photos with simpler backgrounds and fewer …

  3. Theora Fits In part II

    Here are some un-edited (i.e., not color or contrast corrected) images from my last photo shoot on this project. I have had a crit in Pipo’s class and am planning to continue with this project. I have a lot more ideas and am hoping to shoot in Chicago, where I’m spending my fall break.

  4. Theora Fits In

    Theora fits into the slide at your park. Theora fits into your suitcase. Theora fits into your suitcase (I like this one better). Low-quality scans from my first shoot. I will put images up of my other locations which include Theora fits into your dryer and Theora fits into your library’s shelves.