Theora Fits in the Art Department! Need to edit down more.
On one hand, I want to make these more ‘performative’ with more people in the background, but on the other hand, today in my Senior Studio critique of Theora Fits In, people seemed to respond more to the photos with simpler backgrounds and fewer distractions/ figures/ etc. They said that my framing and color choices were stronger in some of the simpler ones where I’d thought it out more.

Today I just tried to think less about what I was doing, and just DO it. Just FIT IN, take pictures. I did a bunch more locations than this, but these ones were the best.

Tomorrow, if it’s not raining, outside on the playground and the construction site. If it’s raining, grocery store. Regardless of weather: Tower City, in the suitcase, indoors and outdoor locations, art library.