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  1. Busy, busy

    Quick update because I haven’t posted in a while.  It’s been a really inspiring month!  CAKE was the weekend of the 15th and 16th, which was awesome; it made me feel so encouraged and excited about the comics community right here in Chicago.  I got my copy of Lisa Hannawalt’s new book signed by her …

  2. Urbanity: Ongoing

    This comic was inspired by Planetizen’s coverage of the American Planning Association’s recent convention in Chicago (OK, so the convention happened several weeks ago but I am only posting this now).  I was inspired in particular by an interview with D. Bradford Hunt and John B. DeVries, where they discussed that Chicago’s current planning culture …

  3. Dating

    I’m currently working on a mini comic, inspired (for better and for worse) by the realities of dating in your twenties.   Here’s a little teaser.

  4. The Undertow

    I’m currently working with writer Mackenzie Wilson to illustrate her short story “The Undertow”, a story about a rather spineless teenage girl alone on a beach.  It’s a really fantastic story and I’ve really enjoyed working with Mackenzie so far.  More to come soon!

  5. Strangers

    Above taken from a real conversation with a stranger. … Sorry for the long break. The holidays, etc, happened. I have a new schedule starting last week that is going to allow me the time, stability and peace to draw a lot more. I’m really excited and terrified about it. Now is my chance! Deep breath. That being said, I’ve got …