It’s Happening

It’s here.


It’s at Quimby’s.

It's Happening at Quimby's


2 thoughts on “It’s Happening”

  1. Cory

    Somehow a copy of your comic made it onto the shelves of a coffee shop i work at in Cleveland, Ohio (I am to assume it took the Megabus). True to form, I saw it out of the corner of my eye one afternoon, picked it up, glanced through the pages and then pretended i had to go to the bathroom so i could read it cover to cover. It was nice to read these life situations as way of calling out the the bizarre insecurity and atrophy (“I could totally see us going somewhere if i weren’t so fucked up” Nailed it!) that seems to describe the many blundering souls of this “dating scene” and its obvious pitfalls. Now its sits on top of a pile of zines in my bathroom waiting to haunt the next reader with an all-too-familiar dose of what dating feels like in your mid 20s. Bravo!

    Overall it was a great way to spend 7 minutes on the clock. Thank you.

    • theora_admin

      Wow, Cory! What an incredibly flattering comment from a complete stranger! I have no idea how the comic ended up there but I am very glad you found it. I am thrilled that you connected with the stories included- that was exactly my desire in making the work. That and to have something to give to friends going through a bad break up. Thank you so much.