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  1. Meet Felipe

    I made a papier mache bird to watch over me while I sleep, and after I finished, I decided his name is Felipe. I finished him a few weeks ago and hung him from the ceiling. His wingspan is probably about four feet and his body is maybe 16″ long.  Here’s a progress shot: I started by forming a skeleton …

  2. Drink n Draw at Spudnik Press

    Went to Spudnik Press‘ bi-monthly Drink and Draw event Wednesday with my friend Devon. Much silliness ensued, this drawing being a good example (Devon and I picked one noun, verb and adjective: in this case they were animal, sparkly and sitting).  Later everyone there tried to draw the continental United States from memory- it was …

  3. Uncertainty Begins

    After much deliberation, work has finally begun on a project of (hopefully) 7-foot-tall proportions. Uncertainty Monster. If my 3rd grade teacher could see me now… he’d have tears in his eyes that I actually did papier mache of my own volition, without the slightest hint of a temper tantrum.