I made a papier mache bird to watch over me while I sleep, and after I finished, I decided his name is Felipe. I finished him a few weeks ago and hung him from the ceiling.

His wingspan is probably about four feet and his body is maybe 16″ long.  Here’s a progress shot:

I started by forming a skeleton out of armature wire and then papier macheing the whole thing.  The wing feathers are made out of tracing paper and some unidentifiable netting stuff, the wings on his body are fabric, and his beak and talons are made from sculpey and painted with acrylic.

I would like to have him be clutching something in his talons (I did model him after a hawk, after all), but I haven’t decided what, yet.  Maybe a message in a bottle, a letter, a basket filled with kittens/ puppies/ flowers, a hot air balloon, luggage?  The possibilities are endless, and enticingly cheesy.  Any suggestions?

For now I’m just happy he’s finished.

Caw! Caw!