The Funny Times has been publishing a number of my gag cartoons in recent months! They are a print newspaper that publishes comics and short-form humor writing. It’s been great to be a contributor as well as a consumer of this lovely publication!

October 2021 issue

Photograph of a full page of a newspaper, with Theora's cartoon of poodles in the top center.
I had two cartoons in the October issue.
Three adult poodles with a fancy lioncut hairdo sit around while their puppies play in a pile. One mom says "I actually had this haircut before I became a mom."
Cartoon of a man and a woman speaking to an audience from a stage. The man is saying, "I always knew I wanted to be a voice-over artist because, as a child, I was British."

December 2021 issue

Close up of newspaper page showing a cartoon by Theora. Cartoon depicts a woman stopping to pet a goofy-looking dog on a leash. The dog's owner is saying, "Yes, we're on a walk, but we're not on speaking terms right now."
I also had two cartoons in the December 2021 issue!
Cartoon showing a woman slumped in a chair saying to another woman, dressed to go out, "Extrovert me made the plans, but introvert me woke up this morning."

April 2022 issue

Patient prepped for plastic surgery with dotted lines around her eyes. Caption: Eye Roll Reduction
I had one cartoon published in the April issue.