Dispatch from the Desert was a short-run zine series I made during a 9 month stay at home with my parents in Phoenix, AZ. Across four issues, I explored tourism, urban sprawl, car culture, mosquitos, capitalist follies and excessive heat. The tone of the comics and illustrations ranged from absurdist irreverence to political ranting to straight-laced autobio. All four issues plus some additional comics are gathered together in a 40 page self-published book released October 2018.

Dispatch from the Desert was reviewed in Broken Frontier by Andy Oliver on January 1st, 2019. He writes:

“The comics …document her evolving style in that time as subsequent pages show a growing and noticeable confidence in her practice. […] Kvitka slowly builds up a picture of that strange feeling of interacting with an environment that is at once both familiar and yet changed. Shards of experiences that give insights not just into location but also her state of mind at that point in her life.”

photograph of Dispatch book cover

You can purchase “The Collected Dispatch” here.

drawing of a gift shop table
From the “Tourism” issue
a page from a comic about Mesa, AZ
One page from “A Trip to Mesa”
excerpt from It's Hot #2
Excerpt from “It’s Hot #2”