Coffee Shop Pants Comic

Remember how in mid-January I announced a drawing?

Well, here’s the winner of that first round: Emelio DiSabato! Emelio gave me a story from his life, and I turned it into a comic. He’s currently an M.A. in Teaching English candidate at Columbia, and also has drawn some comics of his own!


Hooray! Congrats, Emelio! And thanks to everyone who entered.

This was so much fun that I’m running the contest again between now and March 7th!

Anyone who signs up for my email newsletter during this time will be entered in a drawing… for a drawing!

On March 7th, I’ll put all the new sign-up emails in a hat and the person that is picked will get a custom black and white comic of a story of his or her choosing!  It can be any story (bad date! bad job! stinky, cockroach-y apartment!) but it must fit within a max of 6 panels.

Everyone else will get my scintillating, artwork-filled newsletter as a consolation prize! This newsletter also will contain unreleased comics, updates about my work, upcoming projects, pre-sales on minicomics, and more!

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The Fine Print:

But what if I already subscribe to your newsletter! I want a comic! No problem- retweet, repost, share, etc, info about this contest and you’ll be entered! (Email me at tk[at] if you aren’t sure I saw your share.)

What can I do with the comic after you give it to me? I will give you a web-ready copy which you can post on social media, your own website, wherever! I just ask that you please give me credit, and you must not make money off of the image (i.e., don’t make t-shirts of it to sell). I will retain rights to the original image.

My story can’t possibly fit in 6 panels! I can help you try and shave it down (and if I’m feeling generous, it might end up being 7 panels, like Emelio’s did).

Can you draw a fanfiction slash about my favorite characters from “_____”?!? Mmmm….. probably not, but open to discussing. If you aren’t familiar with the kinds of comics I make, take a look!

Ready? Sign up now!

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Don’t want to take your chances on a contest? Have a story that MUST be told in comic form right now? Let’s work together, then!