I have some continuing translation work for the photography book I mentioned before. Right now I’m helping to translate titles of some photographic works.  Most of them are pretty straightforward, but I am showing those below in order to get help. The photographs are all beautiful and an interesting window to Chinese photography in the 1930’s-40’s; I’m excited to see the book in it’s final form!

吴中行 Wu Zhongxing, 恨晨光只熹微  Depressing Dim Light of Dawn, or Regretting the Light of Dawn  . Perhaps he feels a regret (hatred?) of the passage of time?
 司徒怀(沙飞)Situ Huai (Sha Fei),绿波留恋浣纱人 Green Waves Yearning for the Washerwomen. Or, less poetic, Green Waves surround the Washerwomen
留恋, Liu2lian4: reluctant to leave

 冯四知 Feng Sizhi, 仙山在何处   Celestial Mountains or,  In the Mountain of the Immortals or, Heavenly Mountains
吴中行 Wu Zhongxing, 杏花雨欲湿牛衣   Wet Cows and Clothing from Springtime Rain (Apricot Blossom Rain?)

 欲? as in 欲望? Or it is just a literary “for”
and is 杏花雨  poetic for Spring rain?