These photos are what Fisher Gallery looked like at the start of the installation process for my senior studio exhibition. My show, titled “Perfection is a Trifle Dull” opened April 9th, 2010 (just getting up photos now though, heh) and stayed up until April 12th.

This is my show partner, Lucy Engleman, and our professor Susan Umbenhour having a seat on Lucy’s sculpture in order to provide pressure to help glue adhere properly.

These pictures are from the two weeks prior to my show and show the installation process of the Tags piece. I first built a frame out of chicken wire and painstakingly tied 1,200 tags onto it. The hallway that you see was about 5 feet wide and 8 feet deep. I painted many of the tags (which are roughly the size of an index card) with portraits of people- some of them I painted while looking at pictures or people walking by my studio window, and others were just people I imagined.

More pictures of the final piece to come soon!