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  1. Pittsburgh Civic Visions research

    This semester at Carnegie Mellon I’ve been fortunate to work with professor Dan Lockton as a research assistant. The project that I am working on is called Pittsburgh Civic Visions, on a team that includes Dan, myself, Ashlesha Dhotey, Nehal Vora,two other design masters candidates and Silvia Mata-Marin, a PhD candidate. The intent of this research …

  2. Service Experience Sketch noting: Trunk Club

    I volunteered at the Service Experience conference last Thursday and Friday and was asked to take sketch notes of some of the talks on Friday!  Below are the results for one talk with some added annotations for clarity- more to follow.

  3. Sky Above Clouds.0

      One Saturday in May I took a drive from Tempe back to my parent’s house in Phoenix.  The 101 freeway cuts through an indian reservation and farmland that is largely open and undeveloped so there’s space to see the famous Big Sky of the desert Southwest.  That particular day, the clouds were amazing and …