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  1. Drawing babies is a challenge

      In response to the prompt “Childhood”, I drew a small child and parent.  Then I experimented with using both watercolor and layers of different paper textures to create a rich image.  Watercolor was done by hand, scanned, and then my own paper textures added in Photoshop.

  2. Infographic for Illinois Legal Aid Online

    For this non-profit’s year-end donor appeal email campaign, I was hired to create a flowchart “quiz”.  Due to concerns about celebrities’ publicity rights, I was asked not do do representational portraits of Steve Jobs, Malala Yousefzai or Kanye West, so I had to come up with another way to represent them! All text was provided by …

  3. Sculpture Faces

    Right now in Senior Studio I am working on making faces out of clay. Each one is about 5″ long, approximately, and is made from air-drying clay (no kiln required!). I have 11 so far and am hoping to make as many as possible out of the 50lbs of clay that I bought. For some …