M*Modal UX Research and Design

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  • photograph of a crowded nurses' station with a doctor dictating.

    Yours truly on-site at a hospital observing physician software users.

  • a drawing of a radiologist reading brain scans.

    Due to privacy concerns, drawing physician's computer set-ups is often the best way to capture this information during contextual inquiry.

  • photograph of UX research study room

    I simulated a radiologist's reading room in a telephone booth in our office, and used this for a speed dating study of several new UI options.

  • whiteboard storyboard drawing

    My best ideas come with a whiteboard marker in hand. Here, I storyboarded the vision and key interactions for a desired research tool.

  • Drawing of physician in a nurse's station

    Senior Design Researcher at 3M|M*Modal

I have worked at M*Modal since July of 2017, where I promote a culture of design research within the company and design team. I advocate and manage research for six products and services and select appropriate and feasible research methods for each project. We’ve used contextual inquiry, speed dating, usability testing, interviews and wizard of oz among others. Additionally, starting with one or two contacts, I have identified and formed relationships with over 60 research-eager physicians, many of whom have participated in multiple studies.

M*Modal is a healthcare IT company, acquired by 3M in February 2019, specializing in speech recognition software which aids physicians in their documentation. We also make software specifically for radiologists, nurses, coding and billing specialists and medical scribes.  Most of the work I have done as a designer there is confidential IP.