Attended an amazing class led by Jeremy Tinder  almost two weeks back that gave me some great new perspectives and ideas on how to improve my process.  All of my burning, nerdy questions were resolved! He showed me what kinds of pens and brushes to use- I’ve started using India Ink instead of gouache because the ink is waterproof (therefore I can go back and add watercolors without messing up my original line drawing), hopefully paying more attention to precision and drawing straight lines, etc, and in general I feel more confident about how to use a comic panel to my advantage rather than have it distract the reader (in theory, practice forthcoming).  All this incredible, eye-opening material left me simply buzzing with excitement and energy.  Definitely check out Jeremy’s website- his work is great, insightful and quirky.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Of course, immediately after that class a zillion things came up that took me away from drawing, including a trip to New York City and starting a brand new full-time job (wow)!  And then here comes the holiday season.  I had hoped to do another November Project this year, but it seems this month isn’t the time to do it.  Maybe I will make it a February Project and make use of my least-favorite month of the year?  🙂