Vivian and I are rearranging our apartment to use our dining room as a studio.  That leaves the third bedroom free!  I’m feeling inspired to use it as a garden room- a little winter oasis (maybe even bring in a humidifier and a space heater to make it “tropical”!). I made a new pinterest board for inspiration.

Feeling In Transition right now and I haven’t been completing any comics. I don’t intend to stop, but I’m keeping busy with some other artistic projects and studies; hoping to find what works best for me! For reasons unrelated to this blog, my retail manager suggested that I “part ways” with my retail job, so I did.  Pro: no longer will be spending half my income on clothing! Con: no more fresh Retail Life material for comics.  Darn it.  That was really the only reason I was sticking with the job.  Oh, and for the $.