It seems nowadays that just about EVERYONE has a smart phone.  I am still limping along on my little brick phone.  I am only able to make phone calls and text and take pictures and such, you know, what phones are designed to do.  Yet I see everyone, everywhere, with their smart phones out!

But the incredible power of the smart phone isn’t it’s amazing technology- it’s the power to completely absorb the user so much so that he/she becomes completely unaware of his/her surroundings.  This causes all kinds of problems, but what I find the most irritating is when smart phone users become so enraptured they forget they have legs or how to move them, or the fact that they are currently standing in a major traffic flow area, and other people have places to be.

(I am not happy with the above drawing- stairs! oof!)
It does amaze me how many people have them, all across social and economic groups.  Paying for a data plan isn’t cheap- and will be the reason I will probably not get one for quite some time.  Yet I always wonder how some people are able to cough up those dollahs every month.

P.S. There are “homeless” con artists in Chicago, who actually have apartments and, ahem, cell phones.