At all three jobs I currently hold, the skill of smiling is essential.  I am paid to smile, to look friendly, (pretty), open, and helpful; usually the goal of selling something.  David Foster Wallace describes this as the “Professional Smile” in A Supposedly Fun thing I’ll Never Do Again.   I find that smiling professionally can diverge into different facial expressions given different situations.  Now that I use the Smile most every day at work, I have begun to successfully incorporate it into my personal life!  It typically aids in concealing emotion; akin to lying. But with a smile!


Level 1 Smile
Possible phrases that accompany this smile:
“Hi Ladies, how’s it going?”
“That looks SO cute on you!”
“Would you like to try some toffee?”
“The show is two hours long with a ten minute intermission.”

 Level 2 Smile and accompanying phrases:
“That looks SO cute on you!”
“It’s okay you forgot to call me back.”
“Please silence your cell phones!”
“Made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.  And Gluten Free!”

Level 3 Smile
“That Looks So Cute On You. Please buy the fucking sweater!”
“I had a great time on this date with you!”
“I’d LOVE to hang out with you and your boyfriend!”