When I was at home this summer, we laid out every last piece of my favorite childhood toy across the kitchen table. My sister and I played with Playmobil constantly from the time we were old enough not to swallow it well into middle school. We would build Playmobil tree houses in our Christmas trees (and thus prevent mom from getting to decorate them) and take over huge sections of the living room floor. We collected so much of it!

The Orange Cat was a very important character in many games.

It was really fun to look at all of it again, and I was really surprised how I remembered exactly what pieces went with which set and how things fit together. Looking at all of the pieces from all the sets (ranging from “family road trip” to “water park” to “school room”) reminded me of the crazy stories we would make up with these very diverse characters.

The knight falls in love with the One Woman Band (it used to be One Man Band but we gave him/her different hair, and so now she’s a babe, apparently).

The wild skateboard kids terrorize the proper Victorian ladies with baby buggies!