Grocery Store Reuseable Bag Brag Flag

In this project for my Interaction Design Studio, I worked to improve an interaction taking place in the context of the grocery store checkout lane. Seeking to create better visibility for customers who bring their own reuseable bags to the store, I innovated a solution that utilizes the… Read More

Indoor Farmers Market Design Work

The Experimental Station, a non-profit that runs the 61st Street Farmers Market, invited me back to design their indoor market season materials (you can see what I created for their Summer market here). Using familiar elements from the outdoor season, including the steam building, I updated the vegetables,… Read More

Golden beets

One of my favorite fall finds at the farmers market.  I really can’t get enough of them, including the green tops which are also really sweet! This vector drawing will be a part of a new illustration commission I’m working on.  Stay tuned for final art!  

InfusionSoft flow chart

I’m thrilled to announce that a flow chart I made for InfusionSoft is now live on their blog.  You can take a look here: This was such a fun project, I can’t wait to do more watercolor flow charts!

61st St Farmers Market

  Quick newspaper ad I did for the 61st St Farmers Market on Chicago’s south side.  Illustration of steam building and tomatoes (c) Theora Kvitka. More promotional stuff for this market coming soon!