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  1. It’s Really Happening

    Although my personal release date was broken by unforseen circumstances (some out of my control, some due to my inexperience), the comic is still happening. In fact, it HAS happened. “It’s Happening” official release date: 8/23/2013 . AKA Friday. Buy it here, via Storenvy, or in Chicago at Quimby’s. Get ready.

  2. Comic Update

    “It’s Happening”, my first-ever comic, is coming out August 29th. Get excited! I will make copies available to buy through my website. ***EDIT: I meant July 29th! Sorry! *** I plan to have copies for sale at Quimby’s in Chicago by that date, and available to purchase here soon after. Hooray! Also, check out the …

  3. Dating

    I’m currently working on a mini comic, inspired (for better and for worse) by the realities of dating in your twenties.   Here’s a little teaser.

  4. Preparedness Exercise #1

    Have you been dumped recently?  Had things go sour with a budding romance? If this has happened on a small, cloistered college campus, you are already too aware of the fact that you will be running into this person again and again.  However, even in large cities where anonymity is treasured, flocks of single young people tend …