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  1. Greg Niemeyer Oxygen Flute

    Greg Niemeyer is an artist and associate professor of New Media at UC Berkley. His work experiments with ways to incorporate digital art into the public realm, ideas of interaction with the natural environment as well as with eachother and play. One of his works, Oxygen Flute (2002) was installed in the Hearst Museum of …

  2. Sophie Calle

    I love working in the art library because sometimes you encounter treasures like this without any effort at all. You come into work, and this is lying on the worktable: This is Sophie Calle’s latest work and was featured in the Venice Biennale 2007. I have attached an excellent article explaining it and her work. …

  3. My Faves, Part III: Anna Anders

    Anna Anders is a video artist who projects her work on strange surfaces to create new environments. In the work below she made a video of a bunch of people looking down as spectators, and when it was installed in the gallery it looked as though the art patrons were being watched.