Urbanity Planet and the Art World

The twentysomethings of Urbanity Planet find themselves at an art opening that is both down to earth and inflated with meaning. This seven page excerpt is just one of the many adventures in this webcomic series! Read more Urbanity Planet, my webcomic about coming of age on another… Read More

Driftless Magazine feature

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I am pleased to have my comics featured in the sixth issue of a midwestern lifestyle magazine, Driftless.  After following the work of Shelly, Leah and Anna (editors), I approached them about creating illustrations for the magazine. I was thrilled when they wanted to print 4 spreads of my comics instead! They chose… Read More

Urbanity Planet and the Small Press Expo

  On September 17th and 18th I showed my work at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. Above was my set up this year, and to the right, last years’. If you look closely, you’ll see that last year I was selling just two mini-comics plus greeting cards.  This… Read More

East London Comics and Arts Fest!

In just a couple weeks I’ll be tabling at the 5th ever ELCAF.  I am thrilled to have been accepted and can’t wait to meet new comics artists and creators! The East London Comics and Arts Fest runs June 10-12th at the Round House Chapel,  and admission for… Read More

Announcing: Urbanity Planet!

What would happen if the cost of living on Planet Earth became so high that recent college grads couldn’t afford to live there anymore? They’d pack up their space ships and move to Planet N!#ult0n, of course. My new weekly webcomic, Urbanity Planet, follows the bumblings, ramblings, mistakes… Read More

Commuter Naps is here!

grownup stroller

Studies show that you can improve sleep-deprived brain chemistry by taking short naps throughout the day.  The characters in my new book, Commuter Naps, seem to have figured this out. Released on April 11th, this book of illustrations shows ordinary people on their way to work, some of whom happen to… Read More

Comic Contest Winner, Round 2: Lani Comp!

OBGYN Mammogram Comic

Last month I had a contest where anyone who signed up for my email newsletter was entered in a drawing… for a drawing!  The winner received a free, 6-panel comic drawn by me about a story from their own life. The winner of the March 7th drawing was Lani… Read More

Free Comic about Your Life Round 2!

Coffee Shop Pants Comic

Remember how in mid-January I announced a drawing? Well, here’s the winner of that first round: Emelio DiSabato! Emelio gave me a story from his life, and I turned it into a comic. He’s currently an M.A. in Teaching English candidate at Columbia, and also has drawn some comics… Read More