Continuing Animation Experiments

Scrollbar Animation

By adding onto an existing scrollbar motion effect, I created a new video for Austin Lee’s IXD Lab.  First, I experimented with the Adobe Illustrator file that moves in the animation.  I added some gradients and a curving brush stroke.

Then I re-imported that file to After Effects, added a bounce at the end, and then made sure the motions were smooth and realistic by using the easy ease functions.  This is the final exported video:


3D Camera Tracker Experimentation

Next, I worked on the video using the 3D Tracker tool.  I took first took a short video of myself at my desk at home.  I imported this footage into After Effects, clipped it to the desired length, and then created a Pre-Comp of the composition.  Next, I selected 3D Camera Tracker from the Effects Menu. 

After the footage was analyzed, I hovered my mouse over the screen to find planes where I could place my animations. From there I right-clicked (or two finger tap on a Mac trackpad), and selected “Create Null and Tracker”.  A null shape object was then added to my composition list. I added a total of three Null objects to complete the video.

Next, I imported in footage from my previous animation, and set those compositions to be “children” of the null objects.


From there I lined up the entrance of the animations to make sense with the footage, and exported. Here’s the finished animation.