week 25
Colour Coordinated: week 25

Daniel Eatock is a conceptual artist I really admire. He keeps a website where he establishes a train of thought, an aesthetic via humorous photos, and then asks his readers to contribute photos they take of similar ideas. Here is his introduction to the Picture of the Week series:

Picture of the week

This is an ongoing project originally started at Foundation 33 that was open to submissions from friends, colleagues and people passing through the studio.

Since starting Picture of the week, I notice myself looking for incidents, alignments, coincidences, view points, temporary situations, small things that go unnoticed that should be recorded. I see the work as conceptual observations and ideas not as photography. The image is not as important as the content, the title is as much apart of the work as the photograph.

An equally important part of this project is the submission from others received via email. These pictures are displayed in the Thank You section, and credited to their maker.

week 36

Door From The Car in Front: week 36

He has many different series of his work; the largest is probably the Thank You series, submitted by others. Other projects of his include drawing perfect circles by hand on many, many sheets of paper, covering a fruit bowl with fruit stickers (I’m currently making my own at home, haha), and generally searching to create an archetype which will become so widespread and well-understood that people will stop noticing it’s there (this is the definition of an archetype). He designed a webpage layout that he hopes will become the standard for visual artists’ online portfolios.

Display Book Shelf
MDF shelf, 6 feet long, 1 foot wide, 3/4 inch thick, resting on two metal brackets displaying books borrowed from Belk Library. The shelf sags under the weight of its contents in a graceful arc, the top edges of all the books are perfectly flush as a result of a conscious selection of volumes chosen to accommodate (or compensate for) the arc of the sagging shelf.

Alex Bank
Bus Stop: Thank You Alex Bank

Check out www.eatock.com . I’m a huge fan.