When I was at the Art Institute of Chicago over break I was strolling along in this most AMAZING museum and came upon a collection of Daumier (the 19th-century French artist who did many caricatures in drawing, lithograph and sculpture) busts. This series was made by the artist in clay and then later has been cast in bronze by various methods by museums hoping to prolong the life of the works. Each bust is a caricature of a different political figure of the time; the name of the series is “Celebrities f the Juste Milieu”. I just love these heads! They were also displayed in a very pleasing way- to make it look like the busts were sitting in a political house with raked seating. The expressions and exaggerations of each of the heads are so comical and endearing. I am interested in attempting to make some of my own caricatures or silly characters in bust form.

These photos were just what I found on the internet- unfortunately I did not have my camera with me!