With this post I’m resuming the source book purpose of this blog, and will use it as a place to let people see what images I’m looking at while I’m making my own work. Right now I’m in Senior Studio and Color Photo. My ideas for Senior Studio are generally sculptural, but obviously I’m interested in Photography (even though I find it difficult to ‘think’ in the medium of photography). I’m hoping to bring these two mediums together this year but I don’t have any idea how.

After being in China I’ve become really interested in ideas of human space. Human density and urban density, relatedness, connectedness, sense of personal space, escapism, how much we affectionately touch each other, how close we sit together on the couch, how often we say ‘excuse me’, etc, etc.
I’m also really interested in containers, containers as in buildings or as in tupper-ware, frames and boxes. I am going to explore how to fill these containers in order to give a sense of human density without necessarily representing the human figure.
For my first sculpture project I have been looking at these Mexican devotional objects called nichos- like framed shadowboxes with paintings on tin inside.