Urbanity Planet and the Small Press Expo

  On September 17th and 18th I showed my work at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. Above was my set up this year, and to the right, last years’. If you look closely, you’ll see that last year I was selling just two mini-comics plus greeting cards.  This… Read More

Announcing: Urbanity Planet!

What would happen if the cost of living on Planet Earth became so high that recent college grads couldn’t afford to live there anymore? They’d pack up their space ships and move to Planet N!#ult0n, of course. My new weekly webcomic, Urbanity Planet, follows the bumblings, ramblings, mistakes… Read More

Commuter Naps is here!

grownup stroller

Studies show that you can improve sleep-deprived brain chemistry by taking short naps throughout the day.  The characters in my new book, Commuter Naps, seem to have figured this out. Released on April 11th, this book of illustrations shows ordinary people on their way to work, some of whom happen to… Read More

New minicomic: Commuter Naps

For two years, I’ve been working on an idea for a book of illustrations, and I’m pleased to announce that this project finally has a release date: April 11th, 2016!  Commuter Naps is a collection fantastical ink wash drawings showing urban dwellers sleeping in strange places on their way to work.  Whether it’s… Read More

Small Press Expo = Amazing

I had such an awesome time at the Small Press Expo: I met incredible comics creators, inspiring artistic minds, and relished in sharing my excitement about this industry with hundreds of equally excited fans.  In the time that I’ve been drawing comics (about 4 years) I’ve never felt… Read More

Single questions

The joys of being single. If you need some cheering up, check out It’s Still Happening here or come visit me at spx​, table J12!