Urbanity Planet and the Art World

The twentysomethings of Urbanity Planet find themselves at an art opening that is both down to earth and inflated with meaning. This seven page excerpt is just one of the many adventures in this webcomic series! Read more Urbanity Planet, my webcomic about coming of age on another… Read More

Two associated images

Courtesy the New York Times Online; photo of Japanese school kids on a field trip to the legislature. They are wearing masks because of Swine Flu.Courtesy Dana Davis Photography (my uncle); he was shooting for La Brea Bakery in CA. He is wearing a mask for health code… Read More

Erwin Wurm, sculptor

I love how Erwin Wurm engages gallery and museum goers by asking them to follow instructions and create art or sculpture themselves. More often than not, his sculptures do not exist without the aid of a strangers’ body. One of his largest projects is called “One Minute Sculptures”… Read More