Financial Platform Prototype

  • Persona one: Paige, Etsy Shop Owner

  • Brand personality scale used to develop content strategy.

  • Onboarding userflow, created in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Block wireframe of the dashboard screen, created in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Axure prototype of the dashboard page, including clickable transactions and charts.

FreeFlow: a revenue management platform for freelancers and small businesses.

Read the full project documentation as a blog post, or download as a PDF. 

During my 12-week User Experience Design class at General Assembly, I researched, designed and prototyped this new web application. The project addressed the problem statement: How might we allow small business owners to track multiple income streams all in once place?

During the course, I performed user research, developed a content strategy, created personas, userflows and block wireframes. Then I moved on to using Axure to create prototypes between multiple rounds of user testing.