Credit Underwriting Re-design and Build

  • Overview of the participants and steps in the Credit Underwriting process, as well as some objectives for a re-design.

  • Based on my research I established four user types, their common characteristics, and what paperwork was needed from them.

  • My Basalmiq prototype of the Individual Property Owner form.

  • A screenshot of the finished Individual form page.

Read the entire project process as a blog post, or download the PDF.

Although untrained in UX and UI principles, I was given the opportunity to re-design the Credit Underwriting process as a new web application. For the project, I conducted user research, created prototypes, and worked with a Python developer to iterate through multiple versions of the product.  Through this experience I gained a great deal of knowledge about this field and an eagerness to learn more.

In order to obtain credit reports, property owners must verify their identity and prove a legitimate need to view this sensitive information. The verification process is known as credit underwriting and is reviewed by a credit reporting agency.  As it exists today, the process involves some web forms, some paper forms that must be filled out and then scanned or faxed, copies of identification and documents that must be photocopied or scanned, plus potential other steps depending on property ownership! The process is confusing for individuals and businesses alike and was causing much frustration and high drop-off rates for customers of the SaaS start up