I’m a creative person who likes to see where a bit of curiosity, open-heartedness and humor can lead. From there, I use design strategy, drawing, research and writing to help bring people together and improve their quality of life. I have worked as a UX designer at a tech start up and have advocated for community sustainability and literacy at Chicago non-profits. As a freelance illustrator and comics artist, I have been privileged to work with organizations like Lenny Letter, InfusionSoft, Illinois Legal Aid Online and the Experimental Station.

In May of 2017 I finished a Masters in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University to build a keystone between all of my interests and experiences. I see design as a force for good in the world and upon graduating I’m eager to leap into a Experience Design Research or Strategy role. I am looking for a team where my visual skills will strengthen ideation, collaboration and positive change.

My other full-time job is as scribe who captures the absurdity of daily life and turns it into comics. Since 2013, I have self-published three mini-comics, about bad dates and strange naps and a 4-part zine series about my hometown of Phoenix, AZ. In February 2016, I began a weekly webcomic called Urbanity Planet. One of my cartoons was featured in The Guardian’s “10 of the best gentrification cartoons”, my bad dates/ coming of age comics were profiled in Issue 6 of Driftless Magazine and my work has been reviewed in Broken Pencil Magazine and the Comics Alternative podcast. I’ve exhibited at the Small Press Expo, the East London Comics and Arts Fest, and the Pittsburgh Zine Fair, as well as selling my books and greeting cards at shops all over the world. I can’t stop / won’t stop.

Let’s be friends on the internet!  I have a snarky alter-ego on Twitter, an Instagram, a Tumblr and an occasional email newsletter – sign up below!